Accomplish More This Year!

Join the Dream...Do. Done! Accountability Community and get the support, help and resources you need to move from process to progress. Dream...Do. Done! is an annual commitment. Why? Because we’ve learned that, depending on where you are in your life and business, six months or less is barely enough time to get traction. People who make the year-long commitment tend to get the best results. When you’re in it for the long-haul, you’ve got more invested in getting the results you really want. And let's be honest, the financial investment is small when compared to what the return on your investment could be. Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what action steps you need to take to move your life and your business and life forward. And if you get stuck, you have a coach and a community of like-minded, smart individuals that have your back: ready and willing to help, inspire, encourage you, and cheer you on to get you back on track fast.

What exactly do you get by joining the Dream...Do. Done! Accountability Group?

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  • Quarterly Planning Sessions – Quarterly check-ins help keep you moving toward what matters most in your life and work.
  • A private community group to share your wins, your struggles, and ask for help, support, encouragement, or to borrow the brain of someone in the group – including your dedicated coaches.
  • Weekly Check Ins and Boosts – whether you’re launching a new program, sharing a blog post, our community is here to help you promote your Great Work and give you more visibility!
  • Personal connections to your coaches and other members of the group to help keep you accountable on what matters most to you. 
  • A monthly group training call, with live Q&A directly with your coaches (or our guest experts) – a great way to learn new skills as well as learn from others in the group!
  • Access to the  training archive packed with answers to the burning questions that our members ask. If you’ve got a question, chances are good we’ll cover it in the Dream...Do. Done! Accountability Group!
  • Invitations to our annual planning workshops, conferences and live events.
  • Client pricing for individual products and services provided by our coaches and partners!
  • Special Member Rewards as you continue your membership and continue to stay in action (We like to send goodies in the mail!)
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    Set meaningful goals and achieve them – probably faster than you ever have before!

    “Yes! I’m ready to move forward on my dreams & goals!”

    I am ready to let the Dream... Do. Done! invest the next 12 months in me and get the support I need to see my goals and dreams come to life.

    Monthly Option – $97 

    You will be billed on the same day each month.

    Yearly Option – $900 – Your BEST value!

    (Includes BONUS 30 Minute Private Coaching Session)
    Your payment will automatically renew each year on the same date. This is a non-refundable annual commitment.

    More questions? Contact us before you join. We're here to help you make the decision that’s best for you.

    Meet Your Coaches and Accountability Partners

    Each of your coaches have been trained and mentored by the world-renown speaker, trainer and motivator, Les Brown.
    In addition to their own coaching and personal development businesses, they have each served as coaches, trainers and mentors to clients around the world.
    And while they each believe in pursuing and living your dreams, they all agree that taking daily ACTION is what makes dreams turn into reality!
    Your coaches are ready to help you TAKE ACTION and grow to your next level of success!

    Tamara Hartley

    Serena Brown-Travis

    Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant

    Hassle-free. Guaranteed.

    If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re likely to keep getting the same results. It’s time to stand up for what really matters to you and get the help and encouragement you need to define success on your own terms. This is a non-refundable annual commitment. Commit to invest in your growth and the growth of your business for the next year, and we’ll commit to stand by you. We’ll help you grow with the power of a real accountability group that wants you to find and achieve success on your own terms.

    More questions? Contact us before you join.